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Vbch Design, established in 2000, plays  an important role in the European market. From the very beginning, the company has been characterized by an unusually dynamic development that built a strong foundation for a manufacturer of cabinet furniture covered with the natural veneer and laminate.               
Some Vbch Design goods go to Ikea plants. Nevertheless, furniture is also delivered to such countries as Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania and Russia. The Vbch Design profile encompasses also the production of lightweight board and veneering with natural veneer, in compliance with our bulk purchaser’s individual orders. We also have a department that deals with designing and making tailor-made furniture upon our customer’s request. 
Domestic product assortment is based on modern and innovative design that has been largely accepted by customers.
Vbch Design owns a transport base consisting of large-size vehicles that always reach our customers on time.